Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bye bye DVDs

After over a decade of peddling those cumbersome, bulky DVDs, I've finally decided to dump the format and move forward into the 21st century. Not only will this move benefit both myself and the customer (easier for me to archive footage and create new videos in the future, plus a much lower sale price), it also allows me to end the nightmare of incorrectly used apostrophes. It has never, is not, nor will ever be "DVD's." The correct written form is "DVDs." Unless it's the highly-unlikely scenario of describing something about a DVD i.e., "the DVD's menu was both creative and easy to use..." an apostrophe is not needed. Plural does not automatically translate to possessive. They teach you that in 5th grade.

The new flash drive format I'll be implementing is stupid simple, cheap to produce, and takes away the stress of having to keep up with master tapes. Now I just have a bunch little plastic & metal sticks that, as long as you don't smash it with a hammer or static shock fry it, will last forever. That alone is a win, and makes the endeavor of redoing almost twenty years' worth of footage all over again completely worth it. I'm also planning (hoping) to offer instant downloads as well, although I will have to self-educate myself on the process, which could mean anywhere from a few months to never as far as making that a reality. I will of course post any updates to this situation.

But for now, it's chase season 2017, and I'm fully-focused on getting new tornadoes and videos.

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