Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Return To Greatness?

I haven't forgotten about this thing. I've quite often sat in front of the computer and contemplated writing something. But nothing ever seems worthy of posting. Not even my own self-indulgent ramblings, specifically-designed for this dead end street of a blog, seem interesting enough to validate even a tiny gathering of readers. It seems as if I'm writing this thing to myself. Maybe I am. But it's therapeutic, therefore acceptable.

Another year, another fresh hope. The past three chase seasons have been lacking, to say the least. This even includes 2013, which was by my standards, a generally good year results-wise. But my hunger is deeper than just one great day every twelve months or so. I love days like April 14, 2012 and May 18 last year, but I don't want them to be everything....just a portion of an overall, larger greatness. That it took me three years to amass enough material for a DVD was doable once....but I cannot fathom this becoming a trend. Rather, I view it as an exception to the rule.

In 2014, I strive for a return to form, not just my ability, but the luck that must come along with it. Even the best chasers rely on luck more than perhaps they would like to admit, and I'm certainly no exception. During the heights of my success, there was always luck involved. Lately it seems, that luck has been absent. It's all random, really, but when you've gone as long as we have between great runs of success, there's a lot of time to sit around and analyze crap to death. Stuff you know doesn't really need analyzing, but you have nothing better to do so what the hell. And you haven't posted a new blog in a while either.

Only once in my chasing career have a I had a year good enough to justify a DVD all its own, back in 2004. A decade ago. It seems that's too long for a chaser like me, who's been out there a lot of years and has seen a lot of stuff. It really is a reflection of my body of work, but also how spread out that body of work really is. Great things, but not as often as I would have liked. This year, I'm really hoping to change that, even if it is for just one season. I envision a great 2014 season, good enough to justify its own DVD by year's end. It's kinda personal for me now, as I'm really wanting to make a splash, the likes of which I haven't made in several years. Not just a great event/catch. A great year.