Monday, October 14, 2013

Distance To Empty Arrives October 31

Some readers may already know this, but the "official" release date for Distance To Empty is October 31. I wanted to release the video on Halloween for multiple reasons. First off, from the moment I decided on the title, the colors that came to mind were Autumnal; browns, oranges, and yellows. Naturally, these colors make you think of October/November. The main color scheme for the titles ended up being orange, so Halloween was a perfect fit. Also, I've never released a DVD in October before, and I like to move my releases around the calendar a bit; it gets old doing the same "two weeks before Xmas" thing every time. And to a lesser extent, I've always kind of liked putting my stuff out there before the wave hits later in the year. As I mentioned, most chasers wait until just before the Holidays, and of course by then the competition is fierce. In some way, I feel that getting a DVD out there early, on its own, maybe puts a bit more spotlight on it that might not be there if there were a dozen others out at the same time.

So anyway, just a boring information entry. New DVD out Halloween. I'll post the purchase link on the day of release. Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

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