Monday, September 23, 2013

Almost There

The DVD project is beginning to wind down, after a two week process that saw me screaming, shouting, curled up in the corner weeping, and eventually, smiling. I was determined from the onset to figure this thing out and do it completely unassisted, and to this point I've accomplished that goal. My biggest triumphs have been figuring out the volume fade issue (who knew all one needed to do was simply drop a "fade out" transition tile at the end of the volume track), and building the menu page...something I'd never done before.

Now that everything is completed in the project file, all that's left are the final tweaks and then of course the rendering. I'm anticipating problems with the latter, due to the fact I'm using a 2-year-old laptop and I'm not confident it has the strength to pull it off. However the silver lining is, now that I've more or less got the PS16 software down, I can rebuild the entire project in a day, should I need to redo it from scratch (which I would be doing on the computer at work).

So, I've decided to take the week and just enjoy the fact I've finally completed the entire DVD project alone, and then tackle the rendering next weekend. If the render is successful, then I'll make a few extra copies, lock them away, and wait for the release date, which I still haven't decided on. If the rendering fails, I'll simply set aside a weekend sometime in October, and do the entire thing in one shot at work.

The only other detail still left to ponder is the cover. Bridge and I have been talking about concepts, and we have a few ideas we really like. These ideas will likely require a special road trip, to find a location that fits the mood. I'm both excited and dreading it, because obviously the artistic side of me wants to find a great cover shot but the lazy side of me hates the idea of wasting a Saturday doing it. Oh well, first world problems right?

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